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The Smart (and Fun) Way to Tour
Calaveras County Wineries

The best way to explore the Calaveras, California wineries is to let Courtwood Wine Tours escort you to the wineries, leaving you with no hassles about maps and locations, and no worries about drinking and driving.

The Prime Wine Tasting Rule is: ENJOY YOURSELF!
Our goal is to expose you to a lot of great wines and wineries in Calaveras County. We will acquaint you with each winemaker’s particular style and interesting idiosyncrasies.

At Courtwood Wine Tours, it is our job to make you feel comfortable in each tasting room. If there is anything we can do to make your trip better, please ask.

Wine Tasting Tips For the Best Tasting Experience

Do not wear strong perfume or fragrances. Your sense of smell affects your taste and strong fragrances can alter the wines you and others will taste.

Gum or mints will also poorly affect the taste of the Sierra Foothills wines.

It’s fun to explore wineries and try Sierra Foothills wines that you may never have heard of before or you might not normally drink.

Remember: Don’t drink and drive!





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